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Suite 1/4 Russell Street
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Allie Englart has over 18 years of Beauty,  Laser, LED and IPL experience. Alison has studied and completed a Bachelor of Health Science and majored in Aesthetic Therapy. Alison was the very first Beauty Therapist in Toowoomba to hold this qualification.


This study included advanced skin techniques including IPL/Laser, pre and post operative skincare, topical vitamin therapy for skin, skin related nutrition, wound healing, stress physiology and various other dermal techniques. Her studies have provided Alison with a deep understanding of skin and the human body and therefore she approaches her therapy with a wealth of knowledge and a holistic philosophy.


Alison is not pushy, she will only tell you what you really need to know and is passionate about educating clients about their own skin, how it works, how treatments work and how best to look after the long term health of your skin. You will never feel pressured into purchasing anything you don't want to.


Alison’s passion for the beauty industry has taken her in many directions. Alison has been a trainer in Health and Beauty for over 10 years and takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and passion with students past and present. The training industry has allowed Alison to remain in touch with current industry practice and regulations therefore her team provides the latest and most effective treatments for you.

Alison Englart


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetic Therapies)

  • Advanced Diploma of Health Science

  • International Diploma Beauty (CIDESCO)

  • Diploma of Beauty Therapy

  • Cert IV Beauty Therapy

  • Cert III Beauty Services

  • Cert IV Training, Assessment and Education

  • Graduate Certificate in Adult Vocational Education

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The word Inaar is used by the traditional land owners of the Parkes and Forbes area, the Wiradjuri people. This word holds great meaning and is the word for woman. A soveriegn woman, strong, beautiful and loved. Alison's heritage is from the Wiradjuri people and she wanted to pay her respects to her heritage. Alison saught permission form her traditional elders to use this word, permission was granted and Alison has never looked back.